RŮŽ - 1L


As he intended, just one glance at the colour will make you feel something—most likely, the urge to bring some of that vibrancy back home with you.

Růž '21 is a blend of Zweigelt, Saint Laurent and Cabernet Sauvignon. Gently foot-stomped, slowly pressed the day after, spontaneously fermented in stainless steel, a material that's sometimes denigrated but that I like to use for wines like this since it keeps them young and fresh. For the same reason, full transparency, Růž has seen a bit of SO2 added (15ppm at bottling). Just like for its Běl sibling, I don't take sulfur as a dogma – I don't use it when not necessary, but here it helps to keep the wine in line with its desired character.

The label is a linocut made by my dear wife Mirka, and the cute bottle and its crown cap transport me right to my childhood, when we used to buy beer or juice in such containers. Also, wine was traditionally drunk in liters in Moravia, since it was basically the equivalent of water back then, haha. Cheers to that.

The only not-local inspiration is the claim, originally describing the striking architecture of Luis Barragán. This famous Mexican architect loved to use vivid pink in his buildings, and I was struck by how fitting the quote was also for our little Růža here.