Macerado 82


Sauvignon Blanc from 25-year old vines in the Marga Marga valley. Hand destemmed and macerated in amphora for 82 days through fermentation, then transferred into old barrels for 10 months. Despite the long maceration time the colour is almost entirely clear with only subtle hints of orange in certain lighting. Entirely orange wine presenting in every other way. A deep and unique floral nose with blossoming flowers and a background of peppery spice. Texturally vivid with marmalade flavours and a piquancy on the back end that adds to the wine's complexities. A one of a kind Sauvignon maceration wine that punches way above. - Don't Worry

For Carolina Alvarado and Arturo Herrera, wine is the connection between nature and people. Founded in 2003, Herrera-Alvarado is considered the founder of the now-budding natural wine movement in Chile. Local peasant farmers, or Huasos, have always made wine for home consumption without any additives. After studying agriculture, Carolina and Arturo because very taken with these types of living wines and decided to devote themselves to making wine in this style. Winemaking in the Marga Marga valley, where their cellar is located, dates back to the 14th century. Through word of mouth, Carolina and Arturo learned from the many wine characters in the valley how to make wine in that old style. Perhaps the most unique part of traditional winemaking that they have adapted into their cellar is the use of cow leather for fermentation. Carolina and Arturo built their cellar themselves in the adobe style out of clay from their own vineyards. There is no electricity; everything is done by hand.