"Fountain is earthy.

It's a spontaneously fermented cider with blueberries and organic lemon basil. We used 250g/L of fresh blueberries from Norfolk County. The lemon basil was grown by our friend Nicolas in Acton.

What's it like? As it's aged, the herbal tones in the basil have become more pronounced. The aroma is mainly green fennel, with hints of freshly turned soil.

Fountain is quite earthy overall, and seriously reminds us of beets. Basil is the star here, punching above its weight in both aroma and flavour. Blueberries lend their colour, but they're a lighter note overall. It sticks in your mouth for a long time, lingering green herb notes give Fountain a tonic-like quality.

6.5% ABV | 750mL"