Quand tu balances jeg te tiens au bout du doigt, et je te ramène vers moi


Ardèche 20210
Marsanne, Sauvignon Blanc and Carignan 2020 Alc. 13,5%

Originally this wine was meant to be white - A blend of Marsanne and Sauvignon Blanc. But the two juices didn't work well together, so in the end of the harvest, we decided to add some direct pressed Carrigan. It made the wine better, but it didn't take us exactly all the way to where we wanted to be with this wine. We ended up adding a little bit of destemmed grapes of Carignan, to macerated for about 6 weeks. The light red juice went into barrels and the following year the wine fermented in demi-muids. Both juices was pressed direct during 3-4 days.