Riesling sur Grès 2020


"Riesling based on sandstone soil. Notes of apple, pear, grass, lemon. Unfiltered - on the wilder side of Riesling, less linear, more flavourful. The French tasting note describes this as “citronné, aérien” - ie lemony and airy (something lost in translation!) but definitely ideal for hot summer days."

"The Durrmanns’ 10-hectare winery is located in Andlau, a town first settled in 880 where grapes have been grown for over a thousand years. The winery was begun by Yann’s grandfather who owned a few vineyards, but primarily was a shoemaker. This allowed André and Anna, Yann’s parents, the tough but gratifying job of starting from scratch and letting their philosophy and heart guide their decisions. Certified organic since 1998 and farmed biodynamically for over a decade everything in the winery is done with thought to the whole ecosystem."