An exciting white blend of native Greek grapes from biodynamic producer Sclavos. Winemaker Vladis Sclavos farms 4ha in Cephalonia, Greece, where he names and talks to his vines. He focuses on indigenous varities and minimal intervention winemaking. Limey, rocky, minerally, salty. Cephalonia, Greece, 2019.

Medium-bodied, dry.  An aromatic floral nose with lemon and nuts on the palate. Finishes with baked buttered apple and herbs. Balanced acidity. Pair with grilled fish, hummus, tzatziki, Feta, tabouleh, and olives. 

Similar to many other European regions, scenic out-of-the-way places have begun to focus on vacationers rather than vineyards, resulting in islands like Kefalonia and Santorini to be overrun by tourists. Therefore, only the best, or most profitable, wineries can survive by farming. There are still plonky mass-produced wines, but the winemakers we work with have taken indigenous grapes and presented them in a way to compete with the finest natural wines from Europe - without compromising local character. As agronomist and winemaker at his family's winery, Evriviadis is dedicated to preserving old-school grapes and values by crafting natural, unadulterated organic wine from traditional varietals. Alchymiste is 35% Vostilidi, 35% Moschatela, 20% Moscat, 10% Tsaousi from the lime-rich soils of Kefalonia in the Ionian Sea.