Atyp #1


"Atyp #1, a red-white field blend from our new plot, was born exactly during one of those moments. I had zero plans to make such wine, but the Michalica vineyard simply shone through. It is located at the upper part of a loess-chernozem slope in Moravský Žižkov, planted in the early 1990s. Btw, I thought my ampelographic skills were top-notch but this one got me: there's a fair bit of Blaufrankisch, Portugieser, St. Laurent, then some red PiWis I can't name, also a lot of Moravian Muscat and Gruner Veltliner. Not even the owner's daughter was able to tell us what's supposed to grow there. But that's not that important, in the end. What matters is that it gives a pretty awesome wine! Red, young, bright, feisty, ready to be drunk now. Aromatic and quite atypic, if you ask me... Harvested together in 2021, gently stomped and co-fermented in open-top vats, on skins until the end of primary fermentation. About 8 months on lees in plastic vats – these vessels were with us at the very beginning, and I now experiment with them again since they allow the wine to breathe. Not as much as wood, of course, but wines from these are always more "developed" compared to stainless steel, and I like that for this kind of wine."

"Sometimes I wonder if our range of wine isn't a bit too extensive. (I hear you!) But, you know... thing is, I still, after all these years, can't say no to a beautiful old vineyard. And then we end up with some new material in the cellar, usually asking for a different kind of attention than our established wines. And then I also have these impromptu tasting moments in the cellar, when I randomly taste a nascent wine and its singularity literally obliges me to release it on its own, right now, because, fuck the system.

Hence, enter Atyp: something like our own “Brutal” – a platform for all our craziness/experimentation/fun. I didn't plan it that way when we released the first Atyp in spring 2022, but it now makes 100% sense and fits together perfectly with who we are and the vineyards we have. On one hand, we “stripped” our classic wines to their essential and continue to work on the little details to make them more and more pure and true to our land with each new vintage; on the other, we still have some beautiful but diverse material and opportunity to play with it (and you know me, I like to play :). This means that the future of Atyp can hold many different things – vineyards we've newly acquired that have a varietal composition outside our usual focus, for example. Or a micro-lot, or a new method, or anything really. (Yay!) Atyp is a platform for our own discovery – we are lucky enough to have the space to try, learn and sometimes gawk with our mouths open. No borders for Atyp. Anything is possible. Who decides where the limit is? Who decides what is and isn't over the edge?"