Co-harvested and co-fermented Trebbiano, Verdicchio, and Malvasia translate the power of Vitorchiano's volcanic soils with a sombre interplay of smoke and iron with green apple, fennel frond, and honey. Coenobium displays notable breadth, yet it is muscular and chiseled rather than heavy. Fermented spontaneously in stainless-steel and fiberglass tanks and aged on lees until blending prior to bottling.

"Enjoy the Legendary natural wines of the Sisters of the Cistercian order of Vitorchiano, who live and work at their monastery ninety minutes or so north of Rome in the Lazio region. Here at this quiet religious outpost, eighty women of this religious order work vineyards and orchards and gardens simply and organically. Under the guidance of Giampiero Bea, they produce two wines as honest and sympathetic and gracious as they are.

The vineyards are planted to four local white grape varieties: Malvasia, Verdicchio, Grechetto and Trebbiano. Working simply and almost without technology in a region rife with highly controlled, highly sulfured concoctions,  these are wines of real character, unadorned expressions of healthy grapes grown in a volcanic-soiled terroir.