Ex Vero II


Ewald Tscheppe took over his family farm and winery in Styria, Austria at age 26. In the 15 years since then he has produced some of the region’s most fascinating wines. These are wines that are full, long and deep. They are savoury and complex while still being joyful and expressive.

"Werlitsch is a small family estate. We started very enthusiastic in 2004 when we took over the farm of my father. Now we have come a long way in going deeper and deeper in our aim to work in harmony with Nature and people. And still there is sometimes the feeling that we stay at the beginning, it seems it is a never ending story. This learning process is something which make our work full of joy, although it is not all the time easy."

Ex Vero II comes mainly from the middle slope which has a more even mixture of both Opok and clay. Ex Vero III is the mostly from the highest points at the top of the hill with the most exposed pure bedrock. However there are mid slope parts that go into both I and III and more flat parts at the bottom that go into III as well. The wines are really divided by soil type, not slope or elevation.

Blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Morillon (a biotype of Chardonnay), picked together and direct pressed into large barrels. 2 years in barrel. Great finesse and length, minerality and density. A wine that continues to evolve in the glass and will age for many years.