Forks and Knives Rose


I’ve been wanting to make rosé for ages and have experimented a lot, but it was never good enough to share with the world. Until this one, back in 2018.

I bought one of the rare plots of Cab Franc in the country (the Sahary vineyard, to be precise) and had some carbonic fun with it. The 2018, its first vintage, initially gave me a headache with its super slow fermentation, but the ugly duckling turned out to be a beautiful swan. Some Zweigelt and Regent in there too.

As you can probably tell from the colour, it lives somewhere around that sweet spot where soulful rosé becomes light red - courtesy of the Regent grape, our heritage from the times when my father used to work in a German wine nursery and these grapes were trendy. But who cares about the category when all you can think of is “fuckyeah! is there more? is there enough??”

As for the current 2019 vintage, this character is still very much present. Cab Franc and Zweigelt, extremely drinkable and fun, while still at ease in all kinds of situations, be it poolside or at a fancy table laden with all sorts of treats; I see an Ottolenghi Mediterranean-style feast when I close my eyes. (Please don't ask me to open them again.) It's so good I had to bottle some into magnums, too.