Forks and Knives White


"One of our most beloved and popular wines has gotten even tastier with the current 2019 vintage, as the blend now includes some grapes normally used for WTF and TRBLMKR. Gruner Veltliner, Neuburger, Sauvignon, Pálava and Riesling, with just a tiny bit of skin contact. It's just as fun as always, but with extra energy and depth. Also available as mags, in limited quantity.

The 2018 F&K White was a blend of my beloved Neuburg + Sauvignon, Tramin, Pálava and Riesling from our Slovenské and Babušák vineyards. Some of it on skins, some of it direct press. What's important is that each grape gives it its best and it captures you right away, with the very first sip, and keeps you coming back for more of that citrus hard-candy vibe, like being lured in by a bright halogen light."