100% Freisa

Ruby-red color, Freisa has a floral and fruity aroma of concentrated berries and tar with hints of blackberry. It is a full-bodied wine, with a refreshing acidity, rich and soft tannins finesse, excellent balance, great complexity, integration and a long lingering finish. Freisa is a little fizzy.

Serve chilled.

Winemaking: the wine is fermented with the majority of the grapes not being crushed. From the part that instead goes through crushing, we remove a small portion of unfermented must and we freeze it. The wine ferments for approximately 15 days without too many pumping overs and little manipulation. We then leave it in old wooden containers with no added sulfites to undergo malolactic fermentation. As soon as it’s completed, we thaw the must, dissolve it in the wine and bottle it like this. Little by little, the sweet wine begins to ferment in the bottle, that are left standing after doing a remuage.

Aging: Bottles should be kept upright in a cool location because the wine is “alive”, on yeast and without added sulfites. A few bottles with a little more CO2 could spill wine when opened and some not, because they are all different, as each fermentation happens separately.

The Freisa is a wine that can potentially age very well, as the natural CO2 is the best antioxidant known.