Les Casildes

100% Macabeu from 53 year old free vines planted in red sandstone. This wine sees a long maceration period of 13 months providing structure and intense flavour from this extended period of skin contact in small to large clay amphora. Don’t expect huge tannins in the mouth, this wine is refined and smooth, braced by strong acidity. Earth, smoke, citrus and the trademark minerality of this terroir find a sense of completeness in the bottle. The grape clusters are pressed at 13 months and then returned to amphora for an additional month before being bottled unfined and unfiltered. No sulfites used in the winemaking process. 
Medium-dark hazy amber hue, this is a savoury skin-contact wine. It is passionate and untamed~ drink this wine well-chilled straight from bottle to glass. Mature, ripe, with a mineral-driven backbone. Smokey black tea, tangerine, toffee and parmesan rind (!) Oyster flesh, salinity, this is a gastronomic wine with plenty of personality.