Lovers' dance on caring feet


Rosé 2021 from Ardéche. 

This is absolutely the last grapes from the harvest of 2021. Carignan from Jocelyne and Gerald Oustric. Grapes, they generously offered us to compensate for our lost harvest in our vines at Valgrand. We wanted to make a rosé, but a rosé a little bit of edge. We wanted to macerate and make a kind of rosé de saignée, but because of the hailstorm the grapes were not the most beautiful we’ve seen. Therefor we crunched the grapes, left them to macerate for 6-8 hours in the pressoir, just to do a fast pressing of the juice overnight. It gave us a very interesting rosé juice, with a (for us) new unseen aromatic profile and an unusual long salty finish. Since harvest the wine have been ageing in demi-muid.