Lys-Rød No. 31


Lys-rød means “light red” in Danish, in a nod to the special relationship that Franz has with its Danish importer and customers. The wine used to be called Schilcher, which is an established term for a Blauer Wildbacher rosé typical for the region. But the wine being a bit different, freer than what the local people would expect, the Strohmeiers decided for a name change: “We heard so much of ‘your wine doesn’t taste like Schilcher’ that we decided OK, let’s not call it Schilcher then,” Christine laughs. Problem solved.

Vineyard: Lestein, plot close to Franz’s cellar with gneiss and a high content of iron and silica. Planted in the 1980s by winemaker’s father, minimally pruned. 

Varieties: Blauer Wildbacher

Vinification Method: Hand-harvested grapes are destemmed and macerated with skins for 4 hours. Fermentation is spontaneous with native yeasts in used wooden barrels. Three months later, the wine is bottled without fining, filtration, or added sulfur.

Personality: Rosé as fruity as it gets! Red berries, tangy spice, beautiful acidity. Experience just as refreshing as walking with Franz through this beautiful vineyard on a crisp winter morning.