Maskarade Rosé - 1 Litre



Mysterious Field Blend Rosé!

Partly skin-fermented, partly direct-pressed. Blended and spontaneously fermented and then aged in bigger wooden barrels. The wine is bottled unfined, unfiltered, and with zero addition of sulfur.


Stephanie and Eduard on these wines:

Our Maskerade are field blends of vineyards we recently took over. From the start, we instilled our principles and approach to viticulture. But the vineyards are still learning. Yet to fully develop. Holding a tiny bit of their beautiful personality and character back. And so, their true self is still hidden to us. We are not quite sure who the person behind the mask is yet. Only after they have revealed themselves fully, will they become part of the Family. So, our Maskerade wines capture a wonderful ephemeral moment. A snapshot in time, along a journey of discovery. Never to be experienced the same way again.