Modus Bibendi Grillo


This white wine is made from Grillo grapes grown in calcereous soils located in the area of Camporeale. On the nose, it smells of fresh grape berries, with hints of green tea leaves, and some Mediterranean herbs aromas such as sage, thyme and mint. On the palate, it has a freshness and a special minerality that leads to a remarkable drinkability. Perfect to pair with fresh fish dishes and vegetables.

"Grillo is one of the most interesting Sicilian indigenous wines. It is a grape that is difficult to grow and manage. The name "grillo", which in italian reminds the insect "cricket", already indicates the "hopping" nature of the variety, whose maturation is often not homogeneous and the vineyard is not constant in production. "Not respected": excessively ripe harvest and used as a cutting grape in the production of Marsala for its ability to accumulate sugar, or vinified in reduction to pursue an international taste by imitating French wines produced with Sauvignon Blanc. When we decided in 2015 to focus on the Grillo we decided to make wine for what it really is: Grillo, and not as high grade or as a Sauvignon. To those grapes and therefore to the wine we wanted to dare a very precise identity: a medium structure wine came out with a nice acidity balanced with the alcohol component. It is an aromatic profile that recalls the Mediterranean maquis and not the tropical fruit. This is our way of interpreting Grillo. We strongly believe in Grillo's rebirth, but only as far as it really is, not imitating the French models."

Elios prides itself on making minimum intervention, low sulfite wines with native Sicilian, organic grapes grown between Alcamo, Camporeale and Monreale; areas all located in the north-west part of Sicily. The wine making focuses on respect for the varietal, and aims to deliver an easy drinking, approachable style.