No. 2 Ayler Riesling


The Fass 2 is dry and opulent, almost reminiscent of Alsace in terms of the tropical fruit and honeyed notes on the nose.

Peter Lauer has established himself as one of Saar's best producers. Bringing new ideas that break away from the ultra-traditional sweet wines that dominate the area, Peter focuses on the drier style of wines from forgotten single vineyards. This is a far cry from his neighbor Egon Muller who makes a full range of wines with residual sugar; in fact, Peter is one of the only producers making dry wines in the Saar. Wines from the Saar are a tight rope walk between profound and elegant, intense yet delicate, and here it is amplified by Lauer's style. This is Lauer's driest wine sourced from 20-year-old vines at the Ayler vineyard's bottom portion on the Kupp hillside where there is higher mineral content.