I Padri 2005


100% Merlot

I Padri - the Fathers - is a collaboration between Elena Pantaleoni of La Stoppa and Nanni & Sandra Fadini - also from Emiliga Romagna in Piacenza - of the estate Villa Bellaria. These close friends partnering on a project to produce a wine dedicated to the fathers who no longer exist, in the spirit of keeping continuity with tradition.

They chose Merlot - which has been cultivated in Piacenza for centuries and so is characteristic of the place - to carry on the tradition in a pure style with a classic cut. The vineyard is still young and developing - the average age of the vines is 15 years and the project was made and fed by pure passion between friends that are both dedicated to the quality that only nature can provide.

100% Merlot.  Aromas of dark fruits, vanilla and earth. Plum, red currant, black cherries with savoury spice, rosemary and fig. Full bodied and fresh, well integrated tannin, really food friendly, medium finish. Very good.