Petulant Naturel Malvasia Bianca


100% Malvasia - Monterey, California

"In many respects, contemplating, guiding and witnessing transformation constitutes the very essence of winemaking. We have settled upon grapes as the agency of fermentation as they seem to yield the most prismatic spectrum of flavors - animal, vegetable and mineral, among the available fruits. Ferment an apricot, and one obtains apricot-flavored wine. Ditto strawberries, and blueberries and plums, etc. Apples can sneak in a few unexpected treats, though they pale in comparison to vitis vinifera. Fermentation of highly aromatic malvasia bianca grapes presents the opportunity to mimic the perfumer’s alchemical art, opening the doors of perception to the gentlest effects of olfactory psychedelia."