Pinot Gris Maceration 2018


The best wine on our whole list? I guess you'll just have to try them all and tell us, but it might be.

Bright, light red colour- delicate aromas of cherry, raspberry, redcurrant, and pomegranate, with touches of white almond. Dry wine, with a fresh, powerful, fruity mouth; and small, tender tannins. Red fruit flavours (raspberry, redcurrant, morello cherry) and a nicely tonic finish.

7-day maceration in whole bunches before pressing. Matured on fine lees in old oak casks for 6 months. Bottled without sulphite added.

Chantal and Pierre Frick have been working organically since 1970, and have been certified Biodynamic since 1981. They are incredibly passionate about the importance of living soils that contribute to the health of the vines and the complexity of the wines. As they write, "the application of this more comprehensive approach to the life of the soil and vine advocated by bio-dynamie has changed our vineyard. The growing cycle of the vine is in better harmony. It is less sensitive to grey rot and insect pests. The better balance of the plant is conducive to good grape ripening and obtaining a better quality of juice (density, balance, minerality, vitality). From this the wines have revealed more depth and greater expression of terroir." The grapes are hand harvested - "The social aspect of the harvest and the search for quality through successive pickings excludes the use of machine harvesters." Fermentations are with wild yeasts - "The soil and sub-soil and additionally the bloom and yeasts on the grapes constitute the terroir. For us, biodynamic viticulture and the expression of terroir require wild yeast fermentations." They do not chaptalize and use minimal or no sulfur-dioxide, which results in delicate "luminous" wines.