Pipeño Carrizal


The wine of Thesius. Open this and watch as every drop in the bottle transforms into something new. Is it even the same bottle you first opened?

Chrystal clear, ethereal juice. Aroma's of blackberry, raspberry, violins, orange peel, smoke and cloves. A wine that starts off crispy and refreshing before revealing the structure and matter an older País vine gives. Presence of smooth tannins that linger in the mouth. To drink by itself or roasted white meats and poultry.

Low extraction, spontaneous fermentation and maceration with indigenous yeasts in open wooden lagares on the site where they were grown. The grapes are de- stemmed and bruised with the 'zaranda'. 3 weeks of fermentation with regular punching down after which the wine is kept under the cap for a week for natural fermentation to continue. Thereafter, the wine is racked from the lagares into stainless steel tanks.

2 weeks in stainless steel tanks to let the wine settle after soutirage.

25% of the wine is filtered, bottled after the wine is settled. Minimum SO2 added for transportation.