The 2019 Hyperdrive is a short skip at lightspeed through hyperspace from the 2018 Flux Capacitor. They are the same but different. The Flux Capacitor was a co-fermentation of 6 grape varieties. Hyperdrive is a blend of 2 independently fermented varieties: Pinot Blanc and Viognier. The Pinot Blanc is the spine and structure of this wine with ample orchard fruit and acidity. The Viognier is the coaxium - the hyperfuel bending space and time at will. Highly unstable and explosive on its own, the Viognier has an impact on this blend that far outweighs its 30% fraction.

This wine loves bashing us over our heads with our own preconceptions and biases of what Viognier is capable of

Drink this to expand your mind, your palate, and your possibilities

One word Spellbinding

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