A negociant-style wine, made from organic grapes on 7 hectares of land; silt, clay, and limestone soil with an average vine age of 60 years. Aged in steel and concrete for 8 months. 12.5% abv.

Cherry, dried cranberry, earth, and allspice on the nose. The palate offers bold flavours of baked red apple, lush strawberry and raspberry notes supported by firm, earthy tannins. The finish is bright and ends with a flourish of mineral acidity. A complex natural wine with substance.


Séléné is a joint enterprise started in 2012 between Sylvère Trichard and his business partner Elodie Bouvard. They became friends at school, and little by little came to the idea of going into business together in his hometown of Blace, Beaujolais. Elodie oversees the organic vegetable farm on the property. Well into the 20th century it was the norm for Beaujolais winemaking families to pasture cows and grow crops other than grapes. In this respect Séléné can be regarded as a return to the mixed agriculture of the Beaujolais of yore.

Sylvère interned with Domaine Belluard (Savoie) and worked at Domaine Lapalu before he took over 4ha of vines that his uncle cared for organically since 1998 (certified Ecocert). 

The wines go through semi-carbonic maceration, are aged in neutral vessels and are bottled with minimal or no SO2. Sylvère says, “the aim is to obtain wines that are more digestible, light and live, all to respect my environment, as well as the consumer. With this approach, I feel more artisan of the wine.”