This wine is always based on Neuburger (Neuburské), the once-popular local variety that's IMHO perfectly adapted to our soil. During the communist era, it was a popular piquette ingredient (pejoratively called “seconds” in Czech), as its fleshy berries are difficult to press and hence are prone to leave a lot of raw material in the pomace for a second serve. Nowadays, the grape is sadly disappearing, mostly due to its lower yields and compact grape, which makes it prone to rot. Flavour-wise, it's rather neutral, but give it a bit of time to rest in the bottle and the reward and tertiary aromatics are just mind-blowing. As I said, if you want an instant crowd-pleaser, you’ll have to look elsewhere; if you like wines that encourage some exploration and reflection, this is probably right up your alley.


From 2018 onwards, all the White Label wines are field blends from old vines grown on a single vineyard (or two neighboring plots). We chose our top sites to endow the wines with maximum longevity & genius loci, and use minimum skin contact (10% max and even that very rarely), in order to showcase this unique, beautiful material without a heavy orange-styled veil. Spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeast in bigger old barrel from local oak or acacia wood, where it then lays undisturbed for ~2 years on its fine lees. No fining or filtration, no sulfur addition. The normal way, simply put.


2018 is again a fieldblend from our flagship Slovenské vineyard with the typical Bílovice loess. There's my beloved Neuburger, supported by improbable field blend including Malvasia, red and even some table grapes that we densified the vineyard with because I remember Chasselas (Chrupka in Czech) being always part of the local vineyards when I was a kid. It was quite a sunny, warm year here in Moravia - the earliest harvest that not just I, but also my father and grandfather remember. We started on August 15th and by mid-September, game over. Thank g-d we managed to take everything into the cellar this quickly, helped by up to 60 pickers sometimes, strategically deployed over different plots–the harvest often feels like waging a battle, lol. A victorious one, luckily: the wines are well rested after more than 2 years spent on lees in big oak vats, balanced between the vintage's generosity and the signature Nestarec energy and acidic grip.