Wear me like a flower


Alsace 2018
Pinot Blanc 2018 Alc. 14,75%

It took some time for this wine to find its place and to open up. When it finally did, it was with an aromatic explosion as big white roses during summer. The aroma of this wine is so powerful and at same time so fragile - with a long fresh taste of citrus and a light salty bitterness from the barrique and the oxidation. This wine made in the same way as the whites from 2015; Two nights of oxidation of the juice which means that the juice is left in a big open container, for the sediments to fall and to start the fermentation in good way. Afterwards it has been fermenting 6 months outside in fiber tank, followed by 2 1/2 years of fermentation and aging in 10 years old barriques.